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Cost-effective Cleanliness - our gift for the world.
The team at Watership Down Technologies delivers:
  • Pure drinking water in the widest range of conditions - from desert to artic, from prisons to public gyms
  • Effective sterilisation services based on highly potent Ozone delivery - suitable for a wide range of applications from a small office to huge public areas such as airport transit            lounges, from swimming pools to food factories.
  • Digesters that convert food and other organic waste into fuel or energy, and drinking water - creating heat for restaurants from the food waste, creating bio mass fuel from             garden clippings.
We have been involved with the delivery of drinking water to the point of need for over 25 years. We are the market leader in the manufacture of Vandal Proof drinking water fountains. The Rhino, which can be supplied in over 65 variants, is the only water fountain in the world that comes with a 5 year guarantee against vandal damage. Watership Down Technologies distribute a full range of water chillers and boilers enabling us to offer a full range of table top, under-counter and floor standing machines in both still and carbonised models from 16 litres per hour up to 400 litres per hour. Click here for more.

Watership Down Technologies design and distribute a range of Ozone sterilizing machines. There are units to keep offices free of smells and to alleviate sick building syndrome, right through to 400 gm machines which are capable of totally sanitizing a factory and its air conditioning systems. If you have a problem with bacteria, smells, or mould - we have a machine that could help. Click here for more.

We supply a range of aerobic bio-digester units processing from a 200kg a day machine up to many tons per day. If you create food waste or other organic waste such as sewage sludge, unseparated organic waste, contaminated organic waste or meat/animal bi-products, our technology can reduce or completely eliminate your waste removal issues by converting the food waste to energy. Click here for more.

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