• With The Rhino
    Water Fountain

    A unique, virtually indestructible and attractive heavy duty water fountain, available in a full range of models. The Rhino Standard, Junior, Access, Piggyback and Lowline are ideal for use in schools, hospitals, prisons, and other public areas.

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    Nothing will affect your flow

    The Rhino's faucet is capable of pulling a 12 ton John Deere tractor! While it's unique bubbler cone is able to withstand the weight of a 2 ton car.

  • Nature’s Most
    Powerful Sanitizer

    Over 3000 times more effective than chlorine, Ozone will eradicate all know bacteria and viruses including MRSA, Norovirus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Ecoli157, Legionella, and Salmonella.

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    Tried and tested

    Ozone has been used as a sanitising agent since 1857 and has been proved to be one of the World’s most effective sterilisers.

  • Product testing

    All our products go through vigorous testing.

  • Water Coolers
    and Boilers

    A full range of water coolers from top line manufacturers, including floor standing, table top and under-counter machines. These can be supplied with filtered, still, ambient or sparkling water, dispensing from 16 litres per hour right up to 400 litres per hour. Watership Down Technologies also supply their unique Aqua Boil, 250 cup per hour, under-counter water boiler, ideal for school and college common rooms, along with a full range of counter top boilers to suit most requirements.

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Nothing will affect your flow

The Rhino water cooler will withstand temperatures
bellow -20oC, giving you flowing water.

Unique and virtually indestructible
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Suiting your needs

The Ozone Generators come in 6 different forms
to suit a wide range of uses.

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