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Ozone is nature's most powerful sanitizer; it eradicates all known bacteria and viruses including MRSA, Norovirus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Ecoli157, Legionella, EBOLA, MERS, SARS, and Salmonella. It also destroys mould and fungal spores, as well as removing smells and odours.

Over 3000 times more effective than chlorine, Ozone breaks down very quickly and leaves no residual contamination, which makes it ideal to use around food. Because it is so effective, Ozone is being increasingly used tosterilise swimming pools, and food processing and packing workshops where it tends to extend the shelf life of food by killing organisms associated with decay. It can reduce pesticide and fertilizer residues on raw fruits and vegetables.

The WatershipDown Technology range of ozone generators, has outputs varying from 500mg to 2kg per hour with either inputs from the surrounding air or from medical grade oxygen. We can offer solutions ranging from small offices through to the largest airport concourses.

Typical Ozone Applications include:

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry:

Purification of fish farms, poultry breeding stations, ensuring that agricultural irrigation has clean water, fruit and vegetable cleaning & preservation.

Meat and Food:

Cleansing of slaughterhouses, all types of food factories, breweries, health care product manufacturing.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device:

Sterilising disposable medical device, dental products and surgical instruments.

Drinking and Bottled Water Production:

Cleansing bottled water plant.

Swimming Pools and Spas:

Managing swimming-pool water purity, making the water more attractive - it's clearer and blue - while reducing the amount of water required by improving recycling.


Ward and general area disinfection, operating theatre sterilisation and bedding & equipment disinfection.

Public Areas:

Cleansing the water used in fountains and artificial lakes in public parks and large recreational areas.

Refrigeration Industry:

Cleansing large-scale water-cooled central air conditioners and cooling towers.

Models in the Ozone range:
  Aquarius Aries 5 & 10 Libra Orion Neptune 5 up to 100 Scorpio Taurus
Care homes & hospitals     x        
Freight containers & storage x x     x    
Room refreshing         x    
Rooms & offices         x    
Sick building     x x      
Swimming pool sterilisation           x  
Water coolers & vending machines x x         x
Water systems             x
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